The Frameworks Group is a full-service digital marketing firm that specializes in taking companies with promising futures and turning them into household names.

The Frameworks Group launched in 2014 as Frameworks PR and has grown to a team of 8, serving clients from New York to Texas. Along the way, we’ve built a solid reputation and racked up accolades. Most importantly, our clients continue to choose to work with us. We take brands to the next level, by leveraging digital opportunities to drive meaningful results.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world where communication is clear at every contact point—to achieve goals, one conversation at a time.

Frameworks' methodology for success is service—focusing on clients' strengths

Clients must communicate with their audiences, and in a way that polishes the brand, with every conversation. We communicate your story in a way that's lasting and clear—one conversation at a time.

Our team




  • Corporate & Nonprofit Transformation

  • Change Leadership



Corley started FRAMEWORKS in 2014 and is the chief executive officer. He's an active contributor to the firm's Customer Strategy & Marketing and collaboration & partnerships (C&P).

He has more than a decade of multidiscipline consulting experience and is responsible for shaping the strategy for major fortune 500 corporate partnerships and public personalities.

Corley's work spans across a network of global, behind the scenes, strategies focusing on eliminating customer pain points, strategies, and customer loyalty.

He received his B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communication from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, and is a certified life coach. While holding a plethora of lead-certifications, he currently sits on several corporate and nonprofit boards covering education, health, and the arts. 

Corley enjoys mountain biking, spelunking, fishing, and family and friends. 


  • Communication Automation

  • Strategic Change

  • Collaborations & Partnerships (C&P)

  • Performance Management


Matthew Lucci



Matthew Lucci is president of operations in the FRAMEWORKS Frisco office and a leader in the firms Public Sector and Government Department.


Matthew has more than 5 years of political and public sector consulting experience, helping senior leaders address their strategic challenges to achieve business results. 

He has worked extensively with leading universities developing award-winning forensic debate and public speaking programs. His expertise includes product development, performance improvement, research and development, and new venture development.

Matthew previously was a  consultant for an HVAC company, focused on sales.  

Matthew earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Tyler and he graduated with a BS in Engineering from Southern Methodist University Dallas. 


  • Political Analyst

  • Research and Development

  • Product Development

  • Performance Improvement