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Dr. Jennifer Blalock


  • Executive & Leadership Development

  • Employee Motivation, Performance Management & Development Plans

  • 3M Transformation Plans: Model, Mentor, Motivate

  • Leading and Managing Change

  • Strategic Planning

  • Coaching and mentoring individuals, teams, and organizations

  • Community Engagement

  • Learning Management Systems


I am Dr. Jennifer Blalock, an energetic change maker with a passion for education, workforce development, and people. I have over two decades of servant leadership experience in education, government, and non-profit organizations. I am committed to contributing to a legacy of impact through executive coaching, training, development, and strategic planning.


My driving questions are: 1) How can I make a genuine impact on the lives of individuals, teams, and organizations to contribute to the holistic development and performance? 2) How can I translate individual and organizational goals into meaningful action?


I love talking about #coaching #learningandevelopment #leadershipdevelopment #organizationaldevelopment. So if you want to learn more or just chat feel free to reach out!

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