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15 Do's for online content creation

2021 brings a new relationship between the customer and business. It's no longer a transaction it's an engagement.

If your business makes it into the 2021 "new way of things," we understand you know how important social media platforms are to the existence of your business. If you get that concept then you know social media is not for selling. Rather, it's for engagement with the potential to sell. Companies who win online get this concept and are smashing their competition one conversation at a time. And, btw, happy new year!

For those of you who get it, you know it's more than just posting your specials, sales, and hoping it's enough to make people come-in or visit your site to purchase. No. that's called cold calling. Again, social media is designed for engagement, and the algorithms which govern platforms are systematically changing often to ensure you're doing just that. You must give your audience a reason to trust, engage, and want to be a part of your world. If you're of the millions of companies who are not engaging you're missing an entirely new group of customers you've never seen before.

A critical component of successful online-marketing is the creation of content that sparks interaction, especially on social media platforms. As much as we'd love to sit with you to explain how to effectively create and share your company’s story via content designed to engage and delight your target audience, (here's a link to schedule time to talk...wink wink), here's our list of 14 do's for continued content creation. We recommend it for anyone who needs a spark of inspiration for their social media, marketing, and online business presence.


1. Be engaging

2. Create a presence on new social media platforms before competitors. Be a trailblazer.

3. Every social media platform has a specific tone and design.

4. Content needs to fit the style of the platform.

5. Know what makes your audience tick.

6. Be conversational with content and brand storytelling. Be fun. Be inspiring.

7. Branch out beyond topics directly related to the brand.

8. Facebook filters content according to the number of likes and comments, not CTRs. (click through rates)

9. On Facebook, most branded content only reaches about 3-5% of the brand’s audience.

10. On Twitter especially, listening is as important as sharing.

11. Twitter is a conversation focused on information and ideas. It is not a passive billboard. And, if your brand is not active on Twitter, you're really missing the boat.

12. Instead of just posting or tweeting information on Facebook on Facebook and Twitter, add an element of humor, controversy, and industry insight.

13. Use Twitter Trends and Google Trends to monitor hot topics in your industry.

14. Take advantage of current hashtags. Use them creatively to relate to your brand.

15. Strike up conversations. Be friendly. You never know where a conversation may lead.

Good luck!

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